We often want to create something new, but our ego prevents us from standing out. Here are two ways to stop that.

Colin Finkle, Nordeau’s founder and principal designer, discusses how the ego can create resistance to creativity, and two ways to bypass it and generate more ideas.

Video About Creativity Tips


I just wanted to share some creativity tips; just some tips to overcome the resistance that comes with creating something new. And for my case, that’s logos and branded entities. For your case, it might be some other creative stuff, or even just drafts of documents and spreadsheets. It only has to be something new to be creative.

We see the value in creating something new. But we often encounter resistance from our ego, before we create it. The ego in your mind is there to keep you from doing something that could make you stand out and get you emotionally hurt, or in the case of our ancestors, physically hurt.

But the ego has a weakness: it can only think thoughts that compare us to our peers. Therefore, if you do some mental gymnastics to avoid those thoughts of comparison, then the creative ideas will start flowing.

My first tip is called bad first draft. Give yourself permission to do draft of whatever you’re making. That just sucks promise yourself that you won’t show this first draft to anybody. What I like to do is think of it as getting the bad work out of my system, so that the good work can flow afterwards.

My second tip is “how it’s so and so do it.” Do something as if someone else is doing it. It could be a peer, it could be a teacher or it could be a celebrity in your field. The idea is that you’re not doing it, you’re just imagining how they would do it.

I used to watch a show that had a design idol of mine, Chip Foose, designing a car over the course of the show. Often I would think: “oh, of course, he’s gonna design it like this.” He’s a different person. So of course he did design it a different way. But I was actually more impressed with how my mind designed it when I gave it permission to design like him.

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