Showcasing 9 simple, memorable logo designs representing businesses in Burlington around Brant and Lakeshore.

Downtown Burlington is a unique environment for doing business because there is a large amount of foot traffic. Views of Lake Ontario and festivities at Spencer Smith attract many people from the surrounding areas.

The influx of people is excellent for businesses, but it means the logos on the outside of these buildings need to invite new customers inside. That is a high bar for a logo. It can be tempting to try to make the logo design do too much, like describe the business, making the emblem overly complicated.

Thankfully there are many businesses down here where the entrepreneur has worked with a graphic designer or agency and created a simple yet effective design.

To be clear, Nordeau did not design these logos. I am just appreciating the designer’s and entrepreneur’s great work.

Logos in Downtown Burlington

Centro Garden

Centro Gardens CNC cut sign over top of their window and entrance on Brant St.

Centro Garden’s logo uses simple linework in an all caps font to be very modern. The light red colour is also very unique.

Sunshine Doughnut Co.

Sunshine Donuts location on Burlington Downtown west.

Sunshine Doughnut’s logo has become a landmark for downtown Burlington. Many people pose under the tall 3D doughnut and post the pics on Instagram, generating free promotion and endorsements for the business.

The doughnut is inspired by Homer’s favourite treat from The Simpsons. The “Sunshine” is in a handwritten font on the outside wall but is a simple all-caps font in other locations. When the icon is so memorable, you can get away with some variation on the wordmark.

Waterview Medical & Chiropractic Centre

Whaterview Medical and Choropractic Centre's hanging sign on Locust Dr.

Waterview’s logo is simple and calming. The icon of a lighthouse plus the choice of colours, a dark cool-grey and a baby blue, creates a friendly vibe for potential customers.

The Pump on Brand

The Pump on Brant awning with their logo printed on it.

The Pump on Brant’s logo is simple and iconic. It has custom-designed letters for “Pump” and a little banner for “Brant”, all framed in a triangle. With a few different styles going on in this logo, it runs the risk of being busy but somehow pulls it together in a tight little package.

Lakeshore Coffee House

Lakeshore Coffee House white vinyl logo on their front window.

Lakeshore Coffee House recently did a mild rebranding and went for a simple, typographical logo. When a symbol is simple like this, the details need to be perfect, and they are here. The corner lines pull the words together into something more than the sum of its parts.

A Different Drummer Books

A Different Drummer's painted wooden sign on Locust Street

A Different Drummer Books is a cute little store with a cute little logo. You know that the decision to have all lowercase letters in a mild serif font is a conscious choice when the business owner loves books so much. That choice, plus the share of the sign and the fleur-de-lis top and bottom give the sign a whimsical quality, much like the bookstore itself.

The Burlington Performing Arts Centre

Burlington Performing Arts Center entrance from Elgin St.

Burlington Performing Arts Center is a lovely space and a nucleus of the community. The logo is classy and artistic, just like the business itself. The negative space figure with the subtle waves on the bottom line shows how much thought and care went into this logo.

Kelly’s Bake Shoppe

Kelly's Bake Shoppe cut wood sign over their entrance on Brant St.

Kelly’s Bake Shoppe needs no introduction. The cupcakes probably draw as many people as the natural beauty of the area! The handwritten “Kelly’s” create a personal connection between the viewer and Kelly Childs, the lovely lady who started the shoppe.

Kelly’s Bake Shoppe is an exciting hybrid of a “personal brand” and an “organizational brand.”

Jeff’s Guy Shop

Jeff's Guy Shop logo painted on a brick wall on Brant St.

Jeff Guy Shop is the definition of simple yet memorable. There are only 15 shapes in this logo! I don’t know what it is about that diagonal stripe, but it makes the logo much more interesting and expressive.