With great reverence this year, we wish all Canadians a happy Canada Day.

It’s hard to think about celebrating the Canadian nation after discovering bodies of 215 indigenous children on the site of a former residential school and the subsequent findings of hundreds of unmarked graves.

But Canada is something great built upon a dark past that we need to acknowledge. Canadians need to continue both the betterment of our nation as well as take responsibility for our history.

Nordeau is proud to be a Canadian but also acknowledges the work our nation requires to become whole.

About the Graphic

Paint splatter Canada flag, orange for Indigenous Canadian advocacy
“How I now see Canada” by Colin Finkle.

I designed this graphic to convey the dissonance between my pride as a Canadian and my heartbreak over the Indigenous Canadian communities’ recent discoveries of the unmarked graves of children who went to residential schools.

The background is orange because that is the chosen color of the advocacy movement.

The design is based on the Canadian flag, but the white and colour sections are inverted to reflect how we are seeing Canada in a different light. We are used to seeing the Canadian flag all perfect and proper; the representation of the Canadian flag in the design is at an angle and the edges are paint splattered to show that Canada is imperfect.

Right Release

Everyone is free to copy and use this graphic. I, Colin Finkle, release my copyright of this graphic under Creative Commons. Anyone can use this graphic in any way as long as it is in support of the indigenous people of Canada.

If you would like the high resolution artwork, just contact Nordeau.

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