What does “Managed” mean?

“Managed” in Nordeau’s Managed Website Hosting product means that you do not have to think about your website. We take care of the ongoing maintenance that websites require.

Nordeau takes care of the:

  • Software Updates
  • Plugins
  • Backups
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Analytics
  • Listings & Sitemaps
  • Uptime Monitoring

Our technicians take care of these things, so your website continues to work for your business, and you can concentrate on what you specialize in.

What is included in Nordeau Managed Website Hosting?

Nordeau Managed Hosting covers a website with less than 10,000 visitors. If your website receives more than 10,000 visitors on an ongoing basis, then you will have to pay a little more each month.

Why do I have to pay separately for Managed Website Hosting after spending a lot of money on website design?

The costs associated with building your website are covered by Website Design, while Managed Website Hosting covers the costs of running and maintaining the website.

Much like a car, a website costs a lot of money to build. Once it is designed and coded, there are lesser but ongoing costs associated with running it and ensuring it is well-maintained.

Does Nordeau get my website listed when people search on Google?

Nordeau does everything possible to make sure your website appears in Google search results.

We cannot guarantee any results. The rankings for Google search terms are very competitive and base on many factors, some of which are out of our control.

We are confident that the WordPress websites we provide with the search engine optimization (SEO) tactics we leverage stand the best chance of ranking.

Does Nordeau manage my social media if I subscribe to Managed Website Hosting?

No. Nordeau’s Managed Website Hosting customers are responsible for their social media. Nordeau will not be making posts for you on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, or any other social media.

Nordeau currently does not provide social media management, but we can refer you to great companies that will. Just ask your account manager.

We can support your social media efforts with our graphic design and photography services on an as-needed basis.

Does Nordeau write and post on my website’s blog if I subscribe to Managed Website Hosting?

No. You are responsible for writing your blog posts.

Nordeau will provide training to show you how to post to your blog in WordPress. It is straightforward, and we encourage you to try to add new content to your website continually.

What content management system (CMS) does Nordeau use on its websites?

WordPress is the CMS Nordeau uses for all of its clients’ websites.

Nordeau knows the WordPress platform in and out. This understanding allows us to confidently standby the capability and security of our websites.

WordPress is an industry-standard platform, and we are confident that it can meet our clients’ current and future needs. Frequent updates provided by the WordPress.org development team adapt the platform to the ever-changing nature of the web and patch vulnerabilities and security threats.

What WordPress theme does Nordeau use on its websites?

Divi is the WordPress theme Nordeau uses on most of our clients’ websites.

Divi is a visual builder that allows us and our clients to make extensive changes to the website without knowing how to code.

If a client has specialized needs that a different theme would better serve, then we will use another one. For example, Brand Marketing Blog uses a theme that loads extra quickly when visitors click links from Google search results because that is where 90% of its traffic comes from.

Where is Nordeau’s web server?

In the cloud, which means that Nordeau doesn’t possess a physical computer as a server. Instead, we rent a server in a data centre managed by Google. That server is located in South Carolina, United States.

Can I log into the server to make changes?

No. Nordeau clients cannot log into the webserver at an operating system level.

If you need to make technical changes to your website that require access to Linux, PHPMyAdmin, or FTP, then Nordeau is not the right host for you. We encourage you to host your website with a company like Bluehost.

Our policy is only to grant employees and agents of Nordeau access to the server. This policy helps us ensure the integrity of our server and protect our client’s security and privacy.

Just a reminder that you can log into WordPress with the credentials provided by your account manager at Nordeau. You can probably make the change you require at that level. If not, then ask your account manager.

What if I want to cancel and move my website somewhere else?

Nordeau requires 30 days notice. Within those 30 days, we will provide you with a ZIP file of all your website contents as well as a copy of your website MySQL Database. With those two files in hand, you can move your website to almost any server or hosting provider you wish.