You may have just purchased a domain (eg. or have a domain name that is connected to a previous webpage. That domain name is simply an easy to remember and communicate phrase that can point a web browser to a web server.

This article will show you how to have your domain name point to your website on Nordeau’s web server.

Replacing or Adding A Records

An A Record is a line in your domain’s DNS Zone File. The place where you purchased your domain name most likely manages your DNS Zone File. The file is a simple set of instructions that tell web browsers, email clients, apps, or other things what to do when they make requests that include your domain name. The DNS Zone File will have entries for your website, email service, and more.

You need to A Records. These types of records redirect web browser requests to a server behind an IP address so people do not have to memorize complex IP address numbers.

Delete any conflicting A Records

There may be existing A Records in your DNS Zone File if your domain name was previously connected to a website, or your domain name service also sells a website builder. Some of these records need to be deleted so they do not conflict with the ones we are adding.

Be sure not to delete any records beyond what we mention below. Removal of the wrong records can break your email service, CRM, or other applications you and your organization relies on. It is always a good idea to back up your DNS Zone file by taking a screenshot; that way any mistakenly deleted entries can be re-entered.

Delete any records with a “Type” of A that have a name of:

  • @
  • *
  • www

A Records to be added

These are the A records you need to add:

@A1 Hour34.75.19.88
*A1 Hour34.75.19.88
wwwA1 Hour34.75.19.88

Adding A Records For Common Domain Name Services

Below are links to how to add A Records for the most common places people buy domain names:


Go Daddy Domains Help: Add an A Record