Nordeau was happy to help Burlington Sports and Spine design their pocket folders. The design is exciting and professional.

The clinicians and administrators at Burlington Sports and Spine Clinic now have a professional way of packaging up client paperwork and promotional material. There are slots so chiropractors, massage therapists, or sports medicine physicians can place their cards (which we also designed for the clinic.)

What is a pocket folder?

A pocket folder is a cardstock container with slots for letter-sized pages and business. It can be blank, a single colour, or printed to brand it to the organization. Typically, a pocket folder is printed inside and out, but the inside can be left white to save cost.

Pocket folders cost between $2 – $4 CAD each depending on how it is printed and the number of folders ordered. We recommend ordering over 500 or more at a time to save on the per-unit cost.

Contact Nordeau if a pocket folder would make your client presentation more powerful.

Outside of the pocket folder.
Outside of the pocket folder, flat.
Outside of a printed pocket folder.
Inside of the pocket folder, flat.