Remembering that the privileges like starting a brand come from the safety and security that veterans have sacrificed to protect.

In a year that has been challenging for us all, it may be easier to overlook Remembrance Day 2020. But the veterans community in Canada has been disproportionately impacted by COVID-19, so our solemn acknowledgement of the sacrifices of the veterans and active members of the Canadian Armed Forces.

Offer to active service members and veterans.

To anyone who is a:

  • Veteran
  • Active Service Member of the Canadian Armed Forces
  • Or an immediate family member of either group

Nordeau will offer the “Friends and Family” discount and flexible payment terms.

If you are transitioning careers, opening a business, or starting an organization, then Nordeau is here to make sure your brand starts off on the right foot. We will not let money get in the way of the great work we know you are capable of.

Check out our services or personal brands and how we help organizations with their branding, then reach out and tell us that you or your immediate family member is or was in the military and we will take care of you.