Managed Website Hosting

Customers of Nordeau’s website design service can choose to host their website on our web server.

Nordeau’s experts make sure your website is fast, reliable, secure and up to date.


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About Our Hosting Service

Why Host With Nordeau?

No Migration

Your website stays on the server it was on when it was developed. No technical headaches.

No Maintenance

Web technology is constantly changing. Let Nordeau’s experts keep your site’s software updated and secure.

Meaningful Analytics

You have access to the stats of your sites via Google Analytics, and we are here to make sense of the numbers.

Cloud Technology

Take advantage of the latest cloud server technology without having to become an expert.

Enjoy a fast, reliable website without having to become an expert on web development.

Website hosting is a challenging field to navigate especially if you are not technologically oriented. There are dozens of terms to understand and thousands of options to choose from when hosting your website. It is very easy to make a mistake if you are not extremely diligent.

You don’t need to become an expert. You are an expert in your business; keep your focus there.

Nordeau’s experts will tent to your website to make sure it is a reliable tool to grow your business.

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Hosting Features

A High Performance Website to Grow Your Business.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

All Nordeau websites use AiSEO and the best practices to make sure your website comes up on Google search results for relevant queries.


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Content Management System (CMS)

Nordeau websites all run WordPress, the industry-standard content management system behind 39% of all websites. You can easily make changes to your website; no coding required.


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Analytics and Statistics

You will have access to Google Analytics. All Nordeau sites use Google Tag Manager so you can easily connect your site to Facebook, LinkedIn or Google Adwords and track conversions.


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Latest Cloud Technology

Nordeau’s web server is part of the Google Cloud Platform. Your website will be on the best technology in the best data center.


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The process was collaborative from beginning to end, and we always felt like we had a choice in the direction of branding, while also valuing his input, ideas and experience. We look forward to continuing working together and see where our next project takes us.

Shannon Tobin

Founder, Dare To By Youth