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Helping a Registered Massage Therapist (RMT) with her website and brand story.

Nordeau helped Lindsey Paduano, a registered massage therapist, by developing a website. But, in doing so, we helped her clarify her approach to healing, her brand story, and her dreams.

Colin Finkle from Nordeau was connected to Lindsey by a patient who loved her services and was so grateful that she had relieved his pain and increased his mobility. The patient knew she had thought a lot about her services and dreams for her brand, but did not know how to translate them into marketing.

Colin and Lindsay spent hours talking about the mindset and approach that makes Lindsey effective in healing her patients. She is as much an educator and coach as a massage therapist. She genuinely wants her patients not to need her services anymore; she teaches them to listen to their body and change the behaviours and habits that lead them to pain and mobility issues.

Lindsey also intuitively knew the feeling her brand identity was to invoke. It was very personal to her. It took a few tries, but Colin channelled that feeling into a brand identity that represented LP Therapy well.

After coming to an understanding of the brand and the look, developing the website was fairly straightforward. Colin defined the site structure, and Lindsey provided her raw writing about each topic. Colin condensed and clarified the content and formatted it into a beautiful web page.

LP Therapy and Nordeau are working together on some new and exciting ways for Lindsey to heal her clients even further.

Website Design

LP Therapy’s new website, lptherapy.com, is fully responsive. It has a great aesthetic and experience on laptops and smartphones.


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