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Modernizing RTK&A with a new logo and responsive website.

Robert Keegan, lovingly referred to as “Bob” to his friends and clients, has placed hundreds of candidates and in so improved the businesses he works for. He and his team specialize in finding managers that fit the requirements and culture of manufacturing companies.

And Canada needs the right people in industrial roles right now. Shortages of crucial products commonly manufactured overseas early in the COVID-19 pandemic made it clear that we need to produce as much as we can domestically. Canada needs to be self-reliant, at least in critical industries.

But Robert T Keegan and Associates had an outdated website and social media with a mish-mash of looks. His website and social media did not reflect the professionalism and prestige both he and his candidates put forth. His website did work properly on a smartphone, only a desktop computer.

Therefore, RTK&A needed a rebrand and a new website.

Nordeau worked with Robert to develop a new color palette, logo, and website. The white, black, grey, and rust colour palette gives the company a prestigious look while referencing the manufacturing industry in which he specializes. The knit in the emblem in his logo represents the fit he finds between the candidates and the culture of the organizations that hire them.

His website is now modern and responsive. The site gently pushes potential clients and candidates to contact him or connect on LinkedIn. Colin Finkle worked with Robert to update his LinkedIn personal profile and company page to match the new brand and website.

“I would highly recommend Colin [at Nordeau]  to anyone who needs better social media.”

Robert Keegan
Robert T Keegan & Associates

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Brand Identity Elements

Nordeau helped Robert T Keegan & Associates with a new colour palette, logo, website, and LinkedIn company page.


The designers at Nordeau provided a stacked logo, a horizontal logo, and an icon for social media. The knit stripes symbolically represent the fit RTK&A find between candidates and organizations.

Robert T Keegan & Associates stacked logo, landscape logo, and social media icon


The new now looks great either on a smartphone or computer.

Website design for Robert T Keegan. Desktop and mobile websites.
Robert T Keegan & Associates web design screenshot.

Social Media

Nordeau produced a cover image and icon for both the Robert T Keegan & Associates LinkedIn page and Robert’s personal page.

Robert& Associates LinkedIn page.

Full Testimonial

“A mutual friend referred me to Colin Finkle. I had mentioned to my friend that my website was out of date. Colin gave me a call and we arranged a meeting.

He then redesigned my website. It was very clean and professional. He also provided a link to my page on  Linkedin. Because I am a management recruiter this is very helpful.

I would highly recommend Colin  to anyone who needs better social media.”

Robert Keegan

Robert T Keegan & Associates


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