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Gamerpic, Full Logo, and Facebook Cover Image for an esports star turned streamer.

SbD Method is a first-person shooter savant who competed in the early days of Esports, leading a team that competed in professional Halo tournaments. Now he has been signed by Facebook Gaming to stream on their platform.

As part of this transition, Method knew he needed a professionally designed gamerpic (icon) and graphics for his Facebook Page. He wanted an ultra-aggressive look to match his play-style.

Method approached Nordeau to help him design this new brand identity.

Colin Finkle worked with him to bring his vision into reality. Method provided reference designs from other streamers and esports organizations that had the same aggressive look that he was after. Colin looked to the alt-art scene for inspiration; he saw a lot “robo-skeletons” that were creepy, yet had a grim-futuristic vibe that would lend well to esports. He sketched out a skeleton character that Method immediately connected with.

Concept sketch for SbD Method’s full logo.

With a few tweaks, Colin’s sketch became the basis of SbD Methods new logo.

The rest of the branding took elements out of the apocalyptical skeleton and made them into graphics. The colors were pulled out directly from the logo. Blood red was chosen because it is the most aggressive color, in keeping with the confrontational vibe of the brand image.

Video Overview

Colin Finkle reviewing the process of designing SbD Method’s logo.

Brand Identity Elements

Nordeau helped SbD Method with a new colour palette, logo, gamerpic, and Facebook Page.


The full SbD method logo is his gamertag, stylized with a robo-skeleton character.

SbD Method full logo. Robotic skeleton character.


A gamerpic is a scaled down version of a logo to be an icon in places like Xbox Live, and Discord. The gamerpic for SbD Method focused on the face of the skeleton character, as it had contrasting details that could be seen even when scaled down to icon size.

SbD Method Gamerpic. Skeleton character.

Facebook Page

The nexus for SbD Method is his Facebook Page from which he will be broadcasting. We formatted his logo and brand identity into a Facebook Profile Pic and Facebook Cover Image.

SbD Method Facebook page

© All SbD Method are the copyright of Chris Mitchell. All rights reserved. They are displayed by Nordeau under license.


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