About Us

Brand Design Agency

We help entrepreneurs present themselves and their businesses professionally so they can inspire confidence in their customers

Our Name

Nord- What? How do you pronounce your name?

It is pronounced Nord – Oh.

Nord Eau is “northern water” in French. We aspire to be as refreshing to brands as a sip of northern water is to us all.

Our Location

Are you Canadian?

Oh, most definitely. Our head office is in beautiful Burlington, Ontario, Canada.

We want to give back to Canada by raising up organizations and professionals so they can compete on the world stage.

Our Mission

What are you trying to do?

Nordeau helps entrepreneurs and professionals present themselves in a way that inspires confidence in their customers, fans, or constituents.

Making a mark on the world is challenging enough. Colin Finkle, Nordeau’s founder, is sick of seeing amazing businesses and people not get taken seriously because they presented themselves amateurishly. Big brands have marketing departments full of people to make the brand look professional. Nordeau is the secret weapon for our clients; they can finally present themself in a professional way that inspires confidence.

Our Founder

Who is behind Nordeau?

Colin Finkle

Founder, Principle Designer

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Colin Finkle is an industry-recognized expert in branding. He is the Editor in Chief for BMB: Brand Marketing Blog, the source for brand knowledge for more than 200,000 readers. Before starting Nordeau, he has consulted and design for national brands. He is now dedicated to helping entrepreneurs and professionals.

For 15 years, Colin Finkle helped corporate brands communicate their value at retail. Sony, Cadbury, Nestle, Warner Brothers, Fox, Ubisoft, Philips, and the Dairy Farmers of Canada are just some of the client’s Colin has designed marketing material for.

Colin’s background is in design. He started his journey with a Bachelor of Industrial Design from Carleton University. He immediately went into retail marketing; he interned at Red Leaf Retail Concepts and worked at FX Creative. He worked his way up from a junior designer to the Studio Manager at Matrix Marketing. He led a team of four designers there.

Colin’s passion for branding started when he was a kid; he sketched the Marvel superheroes’ logos as much as the heroes themselves. He has been writing about brand marketing since 2007 when he started his blog: FireBrand Creative. That blog became BMB: Brand Marketing Blog in 2015. Colin has also written for JUSTCreative.


Where do I know you from?

Burlington Chamber of Commerce

Nordeau is a proud member of the BCOC, and Colin Finkle is an active participant in the events and local community.

Nordeau is proud to give back to the community.

Nordeau is proud to be affiliated with organizations helping the business community and citizens of Canada.

We are grateful for the opportunities in Canada and appreciate what a privilege it is to do business in a place with so much support for entrepreneurs.